Drama Meri Zindagi Hai Tu on Geo tv

Nazo (Naznin), a girl and her journey through the thick and thin of life. Meri Zindagi Hai Tu is the story of Nozo’s life and the way she took care of herself and her niece Bano after the death of her parents. They say in order to survive all you need is someone who can love you without any conditions and luckily Nazo had Aman, her true love and husband. With his help he took care of all her ever so fragile domestic issues.

Cast: Ahsan Khan , Maya Ali, Aiza Khan, Sheharyar Zaidi, Ismat Zaidi, Seemi Zia Pasha, Aijaz Aslam,Faisal Naqvi, Tehreem, Noushaba Javed.
Written By: Faiza Iftikhar
Directed By: Amin Iqbal 
Produced By: A&B

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