Drama "Kahi un kahi" on Hum tv

Starring: Usman Pirzada, Sheheryar Munawwar siddiqui , Ayeza Khan, Irsa Ghazal, Rashid Mehmood, Zhalay sarhadi , Urwa-tul-wusqa , Imran Aslam, Sherry, Hasan Ahmed, Tipu Sharif, Khalid Anum, Seema Pasha & others
Directed By Asim Ali
Written By Nadia Akhter

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i like this drama .its starting is very attrative and good casting and offcourse its gives us a good lesson and finally the great actors are there like usman pirzada and a great and beautiful actress aiza khan. i and my family now wait for its other upcoming epicodes.

nice & intresting ,good lesson for hippocrates people.

usman pirzada is too old for this role he should be grand father

Good drama to be watched waiting for next episode to be loaded.

I agree with your comment yeh Usman Pirzada should have played a grandfather role and pitty on some people how they foreget there past. The past which can sometime bring sucess in future like this in this storey.Let see what happens.

good drama! only if people learn from it that arrogance destroys them and the people around them!

its a great drama story and casting a great actors .


aiza khan is doing great job

awww sherry is so keewwte!!!;p

next episode kb aye ge

i love inspirational dramas like this, at least they give a good message.

very nice drama

urwa nay phir wohi bura kirdar kiya hai kiya urwa aap asal zindagi main bhi asi hi ho?

keya baat hei Pakistani dramas ke!!! buhat acha drama achy actors reality se kareeb. Ghazal aap lajawaab hein young age ke nesbat abh aap aik jahan hein personality n acting doonoo mei . i really love ur acting. Pakistan zindabaad

i love this drama, specially shery and zoya,they're just so cute!.But I hate the Kamals when ever they come onscreen i feel like wacking them.

Why does zoya have to go with shhery,to the party, she like to be insulted by the mean girl and her family, she should say something when insulting her, she is medical student, not some uneducated girl.

sherry is soooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee

sherry is so cute

When will the new episode be loading ?

Wrong post of 16th episode

Wrong post of 16th episode

Sherry is so mean! how can he let zoya go away like that forever.i mean where did all that eizat thing gone. stupid person. god knows what's with him.

its good drama for all rich people

it is good drama

it is good drama for all pakistani young peoples

usman is very very old for this role.



Love this drama but Sherry became so stupid after that he cant understand that he wants to marry Aiza or Urwa

In starting the drama was very nice but in end it became bakwaas


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