Mehar Bano Aur Shah Bano - LAST Episode


It was a great torcher to see such a romantic drama with these old people. This old lady mahnoor baloch should come in mother roles now. Even Botox is unable to hide her age. Plz give us a break....

I totally agree.... Besides mahnoor b. look at the "hero" I was 9 when dasht came on air, I'm 30 and the guy still comes as a he should give it a break as well.....

I totally disagree with the above comments. The age of both hero and herione is correct according to the age of characters in the story. Romance is not only for adolescence but also for adults and middle aged people.

Well it is just a drama you should enjoy it, but it is not good that you guys talk about each them. If you feel you have the talent to be an artist then go for it, but do not talk bad about them. Age does not matter... she still look fresh.

shabashe wae shabashe. Kirae gal da rula paya kamliyooo looko