Kafir by Ary Digital Episode 14


promo of the next episode is missing :((

very interesting can we have the rest.I laughed somuch when I saw humayun Saeed with a cap on his head and a tasbi in his hand. This is a fact of life today and it is a very sad fact.

hats off to Ayesha Khan,for playing this role. Izzat is very brave and bold despite all that has happened.need more women in real life like her.

well there is one thing, if you have noticed at the beginning of this drama Izat was working in some office and the boss of that office wanted that receptionist girl and Izzat went to his office and recorded his voice and told him if he will bother the girl she will do something. NOW when Hisham is keep calling Izzat why is she not recording it????????

Hmm intressting verry verrry!!hehehashah