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Annie Ki Ayegi Baraat
Are you ready for the Dhol Walas to come out and the Bhangra to begin? Well you better be because in the sequel of Azar Ki Ayegi Baraat, Dolly Ki Ayegi baraat & Takkay Ki Ayegi baraat Faisalabadies are coming one more time to celebrate the most awaited wedding of the year. Season Four of the Nation’s favorite show is guaranteed to leave you in fits of laughter and just a little teary eyed as we make sure you laugh, cry and bhangra your heart out with Saima Choudary, Faraz, Nani, Dolly, Sila and the gang! It’s daggers at the ready as Saima Chaudary has a new rival to contend with. Meet Fari D, Saima’s long lost sister-in-law from ‘Londannn the UK’, a tough nut to crack whose arrival is sending shivers down Saima’s spine and leaving her in panic. As Fari D tries to take the limelight away from Saima Choudary with her Britissh accent and ‘Desi English’ Saima fights back with her typical Faisalabadi feistiness and makes sure she can meet out a retort or two in whatever ‘Inglish’ she can muster as well as take on Fari D in the style stakes. Things reach a head when Fari D’s son Bobby D (complete with branded T-shirts and his array of bracelets and necklaces) rolls into town in search of the perfect ‘voti’; just as Laila gets engaged to a family friend leaving Vicky in the lurch. As luck would have it, Fari D and Saima both set eyes on, like in a split second and vow to make the same girl their bahu, Sila’s Cousin Annie. As both ladies make a beeline for Karachi in a bid to make their sons ‘impress’ Canadian return Annie, Rabiya and Nani’s life is thrown upside down trying to save Annie and her mother Arfa from all the unwanted attention ‘Saima, Fari D and sons’ are throwing their way. Annie meanwhile, less than amused by all the attention, takes up the offer to be assistant director on Faraz’s new film.In other developments, Chaudary Saab decides to stand in the upcoming local elections, leaving Saima panicking at the thought of losing her status as ‘star of the household’ and deciding to take action by standing in the elections herself…after all what Chaudary Saab does Saima can only do better!Sila and Azar continue to adjust to married life, while Dolly and Nabeel and Sukhi and Taaka try to get to grips with married life and each other as well! Nani is still being wooed to the hilt by billionaire Shahid Bhanji and is melting just a little with all the flowers, gifts, chocolate truffles and phone calls coming her way. While Faraz and Rabiya are desperately trying to keep peace in a family overflowing with the love-struck and Saima Choudary and Fari D’s battle for a bahu! The question is who will Annie end up marrying? Vicki who still secretly holds a candle for Laila or Brit Asian Chav Bobby D who is all set to impress her with a thick Brit accent.Whatever happens, one thing is for sure, there’s lots of fun, laughter and drama coming your way as we celebrate romance, family and ‘all things Shaadi’ in Annie Ki Ayegi Baraat!

Cast: Bushra Ansari, Hina Dilpazeer, Vasay Choudary, Samina Ahmed, Manzoor Qureshi, Javed Sheikh, Saba Hameed, Naveen waqar, Shehzad sheikh, Ahsan Khan, Ali safina, Alishba Yousuf, Sana Askari, Uroosa Siddiqi, Natasha Ali, Raheel Butt, Asad siddiqi, Laila Zuberi, Bindya and others.
Written By: Vasay Choudary
Directed By: Marina Khan & Nadeem Baig
Produced By: An Evernew productions 
Fresh Timing: 20:00 
Day: Saturday


what a yummy interview!!!!! bushra ji tussi great hu!!!! cant wait for the first episode!

she is toooooo good i love Pakistan dramas :) keep rocking

I just can't wait 4 this season shadi love u bushra mean saima chuadry......;)

Azar,Dolly,Takkay ki baarat was sooo good i cant wait till the next one comes..... saima chuadry is soo cool

omg!it starts 2morrow JUST CAN"T WAIT !!!!!!!

when is episode 2 coming out?

bushra ji tussi great hu

yall this drama is really good

AYYYYYYYEEE thats was up

Bushra ji u are awsome


bushra you are vry funny

omg i love this drama so much Annie is so pretty and so is Dolly

this drama is awesom. can you tell me lala kis sa shadi kara gi

rukhsarahmad1990@yahoo.com delete May 12, 2012 at 11:05 PM

i like it v much,,,geo walo se request hai k asay hee drama ko zayada se zayada targeh deyen!

where is the 6th epi

can you upload episode 6 it would be a pleasure

please upload the next episode, wake up.

upload ep 6

all Pakistani dramas actor/actresses must appreciated by Awards.. but in Pakistan no any kind of appreciation ... Best mmmmmm best drama all r entertainers...

when will episode 6 be uploaded?

were is ep6??

All actors are doing well but Bushra and Hinna there dailouges are very funny,rocks

plz upload epi 8 and this drama is soooooooooooooooooooooooo coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolll............................. :)

download episode 6 from youtube

im eagerly waiting for episode 10...

buhat acha drama hay i love this drama bushra ji ap kay sary dramas bohat achy hey .sab say acha drama bilqees kaur hay i like u veryvery........................................ much


i don't like laila she tries to b so oooooooover.

drama to allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllla hai

after Annie ki aye gi barat i guess it's nani's turn......lolz

this drama is very niysooo nd i like dolly v much

Not Too Bad. A great entertainment to good time pass.

this drama is too good.............i try to act like Bushra at my home =]

I am loving this drama..!! keep it up!! please episode 14..can't wait anymore

I love this drama so much I have seen every single drama and sauna choudry is soooooo hilariously funny !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love this drama so much
vikey and laila what a couple..........

i love this drama so much....
laila is sooo coooooooool
bushra ansari is whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa kya baat hai

Love dis drama it is the best season!!! N I ko seedeaters laila n vicky's couple!

chudri sahib & bushra ,iz amazing

hmmmm acha e ha

i love it :D

i love it :D




Why is their no epi 16?

where is eoisode 16 plz upload it

upload episode 16 pleeeeaaasssseeee

please give me fresh timming of annie ki aayege baraat......plz

Episode 6?!????!?!!?!!!!!??!?!

upload episode 16 pleeeeaaasssseeee

Episode 16?

kindly upload episode 16....

i love this drama...

where is episode 16 plz upload it!!!

Super excellent serial. Busra ansari u rocks

upload episode 16 plz

wherx episode 6??????

were is episode 16

16 episode is nt coming becoz of Ramzan i think so.........

When is episode 16 coming out.

When is episode 16 coming out.
Irfan Hashmi

plz upload 16 episode

EPISODE 16!!!!!!!!

when will the new episode come?????

when will new episode come?????

episode 16..we want it!!

your not gonna die without episode 16

Why do u care anyways?

Epii 16..?? when will it cmE??

No I just find it so sad how desperate you are to watch a drama. There are 1000s of other things to do in the world and you are crying over a drama. Go help someone or feed a poor person. I guarantee you will find it more satisfying then watching this.

plz upload episode 16 ( thank you ) :)

We aren't desperate. And neither are we crying. Its just a a form of entertainment that you can while doing something productive. U make it seem as if we sit there all day waiting for an episode to be uploaded. Trust we don't. Obviously it would be more pleasing to feed a poor person or do ibadah but like I said, its just something to do as a past time while doing something else. And if u think we are so "desperate" then why do u keep on visiting this web page so much??

Plz upload episode 16

its like we are dying over a drama....we just want to want it which is part of our life now and for your kind info u cant just judge anyone...how can you tell if a person who watches this doesnt help anyone o gives out money to anyone so shud the hell up !!!!

I agree with anonymous(Aug 5) Exactly..It is not the end of the world if you don't watch this drama. Eventually you all will watch it once it is uploaded. So, all of ya calm down and wait patitently..go pray during this month of Ramadan to get some good deeds :)trust me this drama won't get you anywhere.

plz upload new episode.............sk

when new eipsode will be add

sabar karo logo.............. this drama will come after RAMZAN becoz there will be bhangra in the next ep......

bushrah tuis buhto funny ho

hoooooo where is episode 16

sab bakwas hai aisyh mintn krwany k ly nhn load kr rhy tou jab load krn gn hm b dkh ln gn what all of u think hm q mintn kr k enhy shokha krn am i wrong?????

samajh hi nahin aaye ji, Anonymous ji,what do you mean by the word" shokha"

Episode 16 is suppose to be released on Eid ( 19 Sunday, 2012 ).

it would be released on chand raat

it would be released on chand raat

episode 16 is supposed to be released on chaand raat

hey it was suppose to be loaded on chandrat bt it isnt whn wll it cme

They should really change the reactions options. Cause its like if u think its interesting then that obviously makes it cool or good. And ame thing if u think its cool.

It will be on 2nd day of Eid, so on the 21st August

it is coming on thursday

Omg for gods sake people put the episode already!!

annie tedi kiya bat he uuufffffffff tedi laughing

Annie tusi chah gye ho .bushra ji u rockzzz

Where is the last episode I am going crazy

please tell the name of doli's dress wardrobe name

How do we know That dont try to be a princess or some thing

Salam 2 all ur team.this is v good darama we were really enjoying it.i love ahsan khan,saima chodhari tusi great hooo.:)

When is bobby ki ayegi barrat coming

Why hasn't bobby ki ayegi barrat come ?


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