Drama Mehar Bano aur Shah Bano on Hum tv

Mehar Bano and Shah Bano are two sisters who live in a huge haveli with their parents and brother. Mehar Bano's nikkah has taken place with her cousin, Nasir in her childhood. The play opens with her parents getting ready to send Mehar to her husband but he disappears from the country. Meanwhile, Mehar's brother has crooked plans of selling the haveli without informing the family.

 He invites a prospective buyer, Faraz to check out the place by living with them, pretending to be their friend, who agrees without realizing that Faraz had not informed his family about the deal. Shah Bano falls for Faraz who on the other hand, takes an instant liking for Mehar Bano. One tragedy after another befalls the family. Things come to such a head that the sisters have to leave the haveli. Mehar Bano starts her life afresh and finds herself face-to-face with her husband who is now a changed man. Which of the two men in her life does she finally choose to forgive and embrace in her life?


  1. gud effort but these girls r silly & character of nauman ijaz is flat in this drama


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