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Mora Piya

Every celebrated life must have some hazy shades which darken their whole life…..similarly Faisal’s & Ujalla intimate love has been hit by a distrust which came into Faisal’s mind after gone through a tragic & heartbreaking incident which changes their wedding night charm to endless pain!! 

Faisal brutality incensed, when he discover Ujalla pregnant, after Pasha’s (leader of gang) vengeance & rape on her with a most cruel and most shameful way, in order to astounded the whole life of Faisal on account of threatening him not to report them publically. 

Lead Cast: Amina Shaikh As Ujalla, Adeel Hussain As Faisal, Usman Umair As Azan
Other Casts: Manzoor Qureshi, Firdous Jamal, Parveen Malik, Ismat Iqbal, Benita David, Sania Sadiq & Qamar Raza Iffi 
Written By: Mohsin Ali 
Directed By: Anjum Shehzad 
Produced By: Fizza Ali & Mehdi Ali
Fresh Timings: 20:00
Day: Friday

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  1. plzzzzzz story ko urdu me lich aum paki ha

  2. why all the Pakistan TV channels dramas are violence oriented mixed with vulgarity? Are there no other themes and social stories. All the writers and producers seem to be under influence of Indian dramas. We are muslims, we have our own culture, entity and identification. For Allah sake have mercy upon young generation, don't pull them to violence.

  3. this drama is more like a movie.... stop making dramas on such an intense topics

  4. everyone is saying this is so intense
    but it's a part of real life
    i think it's a very good drama, if you actually watch it even though it has some innapropriatness. Think of it this way: there has never been another drama like this one; meaning the plot line is not the same (this one is unique. Normally, you can predict what is going to happen from the beginning, but not with this drama.

  5. Yes its a realty .....nd like that kind of situations happening in our country Pakistan......Sab khuch horaha hai lakin aakhen band kar k bethey rahey ....Kam se Kam is tarah logon main awarness to aayegi .....I like Pakistani dramas

  6. ~*~ interesting drama...she should have done something abt it bt..oh well...khair...if he really loves her than he should knw better....jst accept the kid...dude!!!....~*~

  7. evryone is aware in pakistan bt noone wants to take a step thanksgoodness i left the country nothings gonna be beter in pakistan sad....

  8. what message does this drama want to communicate to the society and world at large? should every one stop talking about crime?

  9. perfect end love it

  10. plz stop copying indian dramas and we are muslims . we cannot watch this drama with my kids.it's not a family drama.

  11. plz stop copying indian dramas and we are muslims and i cannot watch with my family

  12. this drama is awesmmmmmmm

  13. Maan Lia Acha Drama Hai, Liken Hame Bhoolna Nahi Chaye Keh Hindus Our Muslims Mai Diffrence Hai. Hospitaal, Baby Born Karne Wala Sceen Cut Lena Chaye Tha. Kids Ya Family Ke Sath Dekhna Wala Nahi Scene Hai. Jub Keh Kids Par Bhi Bura Asar Phardta Hai. Otherwise Muhabbat Mai Our Zindegi Mai ALlah Har Insaan Ko Azmaata Hai. Insaan Par Depends Hota Hai Who Kis Tarah Suljhata Hai Allah Ki help se.

  14. Jase Hum Sub Ko Maloom Hai, ! Bacha Har Hard Core Person Ko Soft kar Sakta Hai. Ending Was Superb, Wife Compromize Karte Karte End Par ALlah Ki Wajah se Kar Gai Win- Great Acting And Heart Touching Story

  15. somebody can upload episodes 10-18 plzzzzzzzz

  16. Somebody can upload the episodes of this daram 10-18 plzzzzz.


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