Drama Kash Main Teri Beti Na Hoti on GEO TV

Kash Mai teri beti na hoti

The story highlights the concept of living conditions of a very poor family in Pakistan and the hardships and difficulties they have to face daily to earn their living. Things are never easy for Khushi commonly known as Pagli and her entire family with their Akbar Ali (Father) selling newspapers but hardly earning anything, Zuleikha (her mother) working as a maid in a rich house but always getting insulted by the owner, while she and Bano (her sister) wash car mirrors on the roads. Ummo (her brother) works in a workshop. They are in such a miserable condition that they have nothing to eat most of the times. The parents are worried about Khushi’s marriage but have to hold back because they cannot afford dowry. The story takes an amazing turn and finally a proposal comes for Khushi but it’s not just a marriage proposal; it’s a one year contract with selfish intentions behind it. The most shocking thing for Khushi would be when she actually gets to know later about Zuleikha’s reality. It will show you how the elite rich class manipulates the poor class for their own motives and then discard them off once they are no longer needed. You will also get to see that money is such a powerful force which can force parents to take certain steps which are unethical. See how things turn out to be as this amazing story develops depicting the reality of our and other third world countries.

Fatima Effendi, Danish Tehmoor, Shahid Naqvi, Javeria Abbasi, Salma Zafar, Saleem Mairaj, Ismat Zaidi

Written By: Kifayat Rudini
Directed By: Syed Ali Raza (Osama)
Produced By: Sameena Humanyun Saeed & Shahzad Naseeb
Fresh Timings: Mon to Thu
Day: 20:00

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  1. this drama is getting very boring and is just dragging..yawn

  2. its a good drama but yes they are dragging it they should just end it.

  3. it needs to end asap....

  4. realy this daram getting boaring they should be finished it.

  5. It's too much nobody is like Junaid in this world who can't do anything for his own self respect....too much irritating! Plz stop this nonsens end it out so boring...
    Drama is too open topic towards pregnancy and shamelessness so bring some sober ness in our dramas to show our root of culture..this is not our culture!

  6. Does'nt look like a pak drama, it seems more like never ending boring indian soap.

  7. this drama really so shameless this is not family drama every time old man sad my pota my pota in your pait (baily) this is not good and we can not see this drama wid family like sis mom

  8. I know this is so shameless I really feel sham when I watch this drama

  9. I like this drama its really nice lil sad but nice and these pplz who saying its not nice bla bla they r fooool lolx very nice serial like it :)

  10. this is not good drama..reality se door door tak taalaq nhi hai.mujhay writer pe herat..he is just............................

  11. not so bad.hamara culture tu nai hai.par zulm ki intiha to hai hamari society me.

  12. not so bad.hamara culture tu nai hai.par zulm ki intiha to hai hamari society me.

  13. this is not a drama. Every tragedy has a catharsis, but in this play every tragedy has again a tragedy. Avoid writing and producing such dramas which do not have any plot. very sorry state of affairs.

  14. really really boring. i think the drama team took idea from an indian drama "agley janam mohey bitya na kijo". its tooooo iritating that no one can watch it more than 5 minutes.

  15. yes really boring and stupid plz stop it asap.this is totally a waste of time.

  16. boring and stupid story .acting is not bad .Junaid type batay khan hotay hain

  17. very bad and a very valgur drama.....one feels ashamed watching it with family...i really wonder why dont wa have a censor board to stop such vulgarity and such open language being used in these kind of drams


  19. hi bob the bilder

  20. i am crazy for iti can not forget this ever no othercan makeso gooddrama

  21. sirf zulm hai is dramay may aur kuch nahi

  22. ~*~ end this stupid drama already..aaaaahhh GOD!!! ~*~

  23. hekloooooooooo beklooooooooooooo

  24. junaid uc larki ka asal mujrim hai junaid is soo irritating and stupid person buzdil.drama ab end kr doooooooooooo plz so boring ho gya hai

  25. its not a stupid drama its showing the reality, but ya junaid he have to open his mouth this is little bit rong he have to be rong there have to some body who can fight for her or junaid is the man but i dont no whats going on?plz were is junaids role?
    if there is no role of junaid then drama will not get succes. because they showed that junaid is nice and rehem dil guy and he loves her so were is love?
    please bring the role of junaid its nice drama just bring junaid who will fight with his father.
    what u say people am i right?

  26. this drama is potraying too much cruelty on the poor. isn't Allah there for all - rich or poot. here only the rich are being favored. a very ridiculous drama that is being stretched unecessarily. time to end it and start something worthwhile.

  27. Junaid and his brother have no courage to even defend their rights. This drama is getting really boring and their just dragging it, way too long. Please finish this drama A.S.A.P!! There is nothing left to the drama. STOP DRAGGING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. its tru,in our society anything cab be bought by money.but lets see at the end.nice drama

  29. drama ka end ho jana chahiye...bht ho giya bechari khushi k sath zulm ab...ab bari hai shah ji or shanzay k buray say buray injam ki..or khushi ko apnay maqsad mein kamayabi ki...

  30. Thise is very good drama.knew k asa dunya mai hota hai ise deramay mai zulam ki intha dekhaee gayee hai butt zalim yea bhool jata hai k uper insaff kernay walla khuda hai.or yea deramay lession hai ounn logo k leay jo apnay apko bohat bera semjhtay hai sayed sha neay zulim to ker leya abb ouse kay hesab ka waqat ageya hai kise ki dill say nikli aha rabb tak zeroor pounchti hai.

  31. Yah you all right this drama is getting too much and only one person is suffering all the time. the drama should be end by now. thats right poor are so pissed and richer are playing with therte emotions. But there is no lesson for them. lesson should be worst and should not be finish in the one or two episods. World should see that always there is worst for the bad guys.

  32. shukar hai saeed zade ka time to aya puchtane ka ab allah ki pakar se ye nai bach sakta its not a drama

  33. It's getting bore n needs to b end plz o plz end it up Allah itni lambi raassi kissi ki nae kerta Aik din kainch liata hai so try to b realistic n bring it to its end Zalim ko jitni jaldi Anjam tak pohnchao otna hi acha hai

  34. ~*~ AGREED!!! ~*~

  35. this drama is showing the realty what is going on in Pakistan and nobody wants to do anything about it. Rishwatquari Haramkari no justice and lots of otherthings that every one knows but they wants to have Butter on their Bread that all that is the reason Allah's Asaab is coming to them.

  36. bohat hi zalim drama bana ne wala bhi zalim hoga

  37. This drama is really great, this not only highlights the zulm of rich but also tells us about the result of poors. Khushi ki maa ney aik elite class people key dorey main aakaer apni baitey ko kion becha!!!!!!!!!!!! Overall this is the best drama in all dramas in my opinion!!

  38. this drama is not reality producer keep doing what he think is right, never have anybody who is good person never bring any body who can help them, Duniya abhi achey logoon sey khali nahi hooei hey aur Allah her eik ki madad key liye achey logoon ko behjta hae.

  39. Baqwassss itnaa zulmm Kahan hota hai ? Sub ka rub Aik hai aur sub ki sonta hai Aik dur bund to dosra kholta hai......kahin to relief milta hai ...yeh writer to Aisa hai jjaisay Allah pay barosa hi nahin hai isay Baqwaass drama!!!

  40. pls end this drama its so boring and irritating.

  41. This drama is getting very boring. It should be finish in two episode.

  42. Whats up with this drama? Is it finished . ? They stopped putting it on

  43. What hapen wid this drama

  44. can you put up the rest of the episodes please!!

  45. its really not good its not fair they have to tell the reason y they not showing the rest of episodess????

  46. This drama is really great plz up this drama we want see plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..

  47. Q band kia zalim baho aur susar mar gay kia?

  48. this drama sucksssss

  49. Im waiting for the next episode 147. What happened?i have been watching every single episode so i would really like to see the end.

    Does anyone know something? Watching the end is a must! Everyone is talking about that the drama is bad and some say its good , i just want to see the end and to know what happens1

  50. new episode kab lagen ga

  51. i like all pragrams of geo drama chennel and the my favourite drama for this cahannel ic kash mein teri beti na hoti

  52. ep 150 turning point for dawood ali shah

  53. No this isnt boring one bit this shows how much mean and selfish some people are in pakistan i might be from that country but it scares me to go back...:(

  54. they need to show that that dog or shall i say worse then a dog by they name of daud ali shah that someone kills him like the body guard he has left and khushi finally getting her son back and end of drama

  55. they need to bring an end to the drama that daud ali shah should be shot down like a dog that he already is opps i should say worse by his remaining body guard and khushi's son finally returned to khushi and she marrys her childhood sweety end of drama

  56. daud ali shah should die i mean murdered like he killed others that he had killed and khushi shall get her boy back and married to her childhood sweety

  57. khushi should get her boy back and marry her best friend and daud ali shah should die

  58. this drama starts off very good, but i think it just got to a point where everything was too perdictable.. it kept going like kushi gets something toward her retribution for her child and then something even bad happens n then she's almost got her child n then no she doesn't .... it was just tooo much for me... n i think the writer was trying to say how hard her life was.. n i think i understand that i don't need her to have 10 millions bad things happen to her over n over again to get how hard her life is... n yes this drama just makes you overall sad n that is the result of sooo much sadness... n also there isn't rlyyyy much to go on in the drama after the child is born... but overall this was a good drama n i'd rate it a 7.8/10

  59. th drama is geting interseting to me and exicting.Also I can't wai for episode 195.When is episode 195 coming.

  60. yeh drama bananey wala koi buhut he maha ahmaq hey ju itna fazool drama banaya hey..such a waste of time.

  61. Some one please post the episodes after 210.

  62. because writer does not know what he should write next.


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