Drama Serial Bahu Rani on Ary Digital

Story of a simple girl Lubna and her family, as fate has never been generous to her. She was engaged to her cousin Talal, since her childhood but Talal’s step mother never wanted it to be happened. Despite of the stern opposition of Shabnam (Talal’s step mother), Saadat (Talal’s father) make the unison possible. Shabnam never accepted Lubna as her daughter-in-law and wants to declare her sister’s daughter Nuzhat as the lady of the house.Situation becomes more dreadful, when Talal has to leave Lubna alone as he departed for abroad. Now her own house has become a dungeon for Lubna as Nadir is there to spoil the life of Lubna and her sister Uzma on the directions of Shabnam. Story continues with the sufferings and adversities that Lubna and her family have to face throughout the journey of life.

Episode 1


  1. how stupid lubna is... this is totally un realistic......... stupid character she cant speak and tell the truth....go 2 hell lubna u deserve this


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